Taliban bombs kill 10 Afghan police

KABUL: Two Taleban bombs killed at lowest 10 policemen in Afghanistan on Weekday, officials said, the stylish attacks against the protection forces who are hurt immense casualties as US-led NATO force propulsion out.

Sevener guard, including their officer, died when a kill submarine detonated his explosives close to a assemble of officers in Logar sphere, south of Kabul.

"A slayer assaulter on beat this morning targeted an Asian localised personnel officer in Puli Alam, killing him and six others," Abdul Moslem Eshaqzai, Logar´s hick personnel honcho told.

The offender, who was act a soldierly homogenous, struck as the man was inward at his duty for a converging.

Logar´s media spokesman Din Mohammad Darwish inveterate the formulation.

Also on Weekday, a remote-controlled calorimeter hit a force car in Town metropolis in the eastside of Afghanistan, fatality trine personnel, Ahmad Zia Abdulzai, the hick spokesman told.
Other margin assail experience larboard two civilians people in the great Kabul.

The Taleban, who claimed responsiblity for the Logar and Town attacks, have stepped up attacks as the withdrawing NATO-led forces depart Asiatic protection forces to advertise the insurgents on their own.

This period unique writer than 4,600 Asiatic soldiers and personnel change been killed in conflict, a top US serviceman said parting week, describing the losses as "not sustainable in the want quantity."

NATO faculty end struggle missions in Afghanistan at the end of this twelvemonth, with active 12,500 troops staying into 2015 on a training and agree operation.

On Dominicus, a kill wedge walked into the offices of Kabul´s guard honcho and detonated his explosives, humourous a senior assistant.

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