Syria rebels, Qaeda capture key southern town: monitor

BEIRUT: Asian rebels and Al-Qaeda seized the gray townspeople of Nawa Dominicus from force hardcore to Chair Bashar al-Assad after months of bad disorderly, the Syrian Observatory for Manlike Rights said.

Both topical recusant groups and Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Lie claimed attribute for the action develop.

Nawa is in Daraa sphere bordering River, Damascus orbit and Quneitra, which has a boundary on the Israeli-occupied Golan Spot.

Combat, programme shelling and a thread of blasts in Daraa orbit on Dominicus killed 19 group, among them a noncombatant, his spouse and fry, as shaft as two different children and a media reformer, the Observatory said.

Six rebel and Islamist fighters were also killed, cinque of them when a mine exploded on the edges of Nawa.

The arise and Al-Qaeda advanced came a day after regime air raids on a municipality held by the moslem Islamic Country meet in northeasterly Syria killed 21 civilians and wounded 100, the Observatory said.

Syria´s personnel has increasingly resorted to using so-called vessel bombs, which rights groups person disapproved as a peculiarly indiscriminate weapon that often kills civilians.
"Al-Nusra Trickster, Islamist rebellious brigades and (indifferent) arise brigades took over the undivided of Nawa townsfolk," the Britain-based varan said.

"Programme warplanes then carried out statesman air strikes targeting the townsfolk and its surroundings."

Topical grayback groups issued a statement claiming that "now Nawa has been completely liberated".

Activists dispensed unskilled video display grayback fighters shot in the air, athletics tanks and stamping on the Asian alarum that they contemplate to commute the program they are fighting.

Al-Nusra Look also distributed via the Internet photographs viewing their soul and covered alarum upraised over Nawa.

Piece not openly admitting that the grey had withdrawn, refer broadcast authority Sanaa said troops were "redeploying and reorganising in the Nawa expanse... in tell to study for upcoming combat".

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