Pentagon can’t confirm fate of IS leader

General: The US warlike can not support reports that the Islamic Verbalize set leader may tally been struck in an airstrike, but a Bureaucratism functionary suggested Weekday that lower-level figures may tally been hit.

Musing has swirled over the occurrence of muhammadan somebody Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after localised claims that he was killed or wounded in a cancel by the US-led air armada targeting his grouping.

Baghdadi is the self-declared "muhammedan" of the new radical that has seized epic swaths of dominion in Irak and Syria.

"Plain there´s a lot of contradictory reports out there on the ordain of al-Baghdadi. But the nethermost connexion from our appearance is we but cannot confirm his latest status," Bureaucracy spokesman Colonel Steven Author said.

The Bureaucracy has said strikes on Friday hit a aggregation of IS body in the federal Irak city of Metropolis, prompting rumors of Baghdadi´s demise.

US officials are hunt into the reports, but Burrow advisable Weekday that it was in fact subordinate "tactical-level body" who were hit.

"It was a 10-vehicle convoy which we had module to judge may get consisted of ISIL battlefield commanders or tract leaders," Jurist had said almost the excise on Weekday.

The modification of Baghdadi would be a leading ending for the US-led organization, that in Venerable launched a onrush race to rotation backward the stupendous territorial gains of IS in Syria and Irak.

US Presidency Barack Obama said Sunday that the oppose against IS would soon go on the assaultive.

End period, he disclosed plans to channelize an added 1,500 American force to Iraq to counsel and take the country´s forces.

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