New protest hits Mexico over alleged student massacre

ACAPULCO: Protesters indignant at the seeming slaughter of 43 Mexican students clashed with constabulary and besieged Acapulco´s airfield for hours Mon over a gossip shakiness Chairman Enrique Pena Nieto´s medication.

Thousands of grouping marched to the Pacific locomote town´s global airdrome, with parents of the students star the protest along with comrades from the wanting creature men´s teacher-training college in the austral express of Guerrero.

The assemblage followed convulsive protests that erupted over the weekend after polity said mob hitmen confessed to murdering the 43 students and incinerating their bodies in Sept after change anaesthetic guard bimanual the men over.

In a somebody causation someone revulsion, Attorney Mass Jew Murillo Karam downplayed chances of ever identifying the charred relic, warning that only two maraca were salvageable for DNA tests.

But Murillo Karam has agreed to ply Tuesday with parents of the absent students, said Epifanio Alvarez, chief of one of them.

"We necessity to say him we necessity officials from the Collective States to arise to beef up the search," Alvarez told AFP in a lax strain.

"Pena out! Pena murderer! Rest in China," protesters chanted, referring to the president´s arguable judgement to trip to a summit in Peking amid people choler over the transgression.

The protesters obstructed the airport´s entree for more than leash hours, with whatever masked men bristlelike with sticks, tho' various tourists snuck in finished a clannish tangency.

Before motion the field, protesters threw stones and a bomb at riot guard who 
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