End of Window XP Support after 4 April 2014

Windows XP was released on 25 October 2001 by Microsoft and after 12 years old it will be no longer provide any updates and more over security related support. Now a time you are interested to use this operating system, it’ll be continuing after this date. IN any circumstance’s Microsoft will not fix any query about this. It also mentions that it’ll continue the offline anti malware support for win xp until 14 July 2005. Also, others malware detection software’s authorities announced that they’ll be extentending their support up to a year. .
Peoples are claiming that Win XP is  well-known os that in case of any new security liabilities will be exposed. Now a time most experts recommend using the later upcoming operating system like window 7, window 8 and window 8.1 etc. . . .
Here is one problem, if you are using a few years old computer and does not fulfill the requirements for win 7 or win 8 then you must purchase a new one pc after that you ‘ll be capable to utilize this Microsoft resource which is available in  freely and pro versions. If you are not able to purchase a new one computer then you must use Linux versions
If you want to still use the window xp ?

Continuing win XP after  8 April 2014 following the below suggestions.
1.    Administrator account would not be used. You can use an guest account corresponding to this .
2.    You can use a Chrome and firefox browser.
3.    Keep your browser updated ,

4.    Keep the computer offline if the pc is for office use then you must remain in offline mode it’ll not be attacked until you‘ll come to be online.
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