Hack Admin Password and Change Admin account Password Without Current Password in Win xp and 7

Hi to all ,
i hope you will be alright and me also :) i am going to discuss important topic about admin account password. mostly you want to reset the admin or user account password without current password..here you can get a proper way to acces the admin account within a 1 or 2 minutes ..and also within a 2 minute you can change your password without current password easily..
i am providing a sofware which is more important for this first of all download this through given link ...

Step 1 : insert your pen drive ( flash / usb) and then double click on the konbootinstall.exe setup it will show you a screen like this..here you just put your drive d,e,f,g etc and press enter

step 2 : after pressing enter you will see something like this... press any key to exit ..

step 3 : now boot pc, laptop or notebook which is victim through usb it will ask to exit etc you wana go to  just press enter and going to done their own work ... during this it will show you your account and asking you to enter  the password... just leave it blank and press enter it will show you Welcome screen thats All ....

Now you want to reset your Password follow these easiest step //

step 1: go to your contro; pannel and display it in small icons through right corner option here you will see a administration tool which is seen below 

now go into computer managment 

now go in system tool

after that go into local users and groups

press enter on user it will show you a account 

right click and press set password

it willl ask you to proceesed click to proceed

here enter your new password you done it and enjoy 

thats it regards itkaka and dont forget to leave comment here :)
keep remember me in prayers thanks

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