WinOwnership - The Safe Windows File Replacement Tool

WinOwnership will help you in the full take own with files and directories, removing and restoring the system file protection without brick or touch on the protections

  • One click to make full access with the file
  • Metro interface based on Windows 8 compatible with Windows XP
  • One click to restore the default Windows file ACL Protection
  • Not touch on default system ACL Protection, the file after undo will shows the same protection
  • Full file access with an new file ACL Replacement
  • Using an new ACL Backup / Restore patch technology
  • Not use any core Windows Resource to patch the file
  • The file isn't patched, only the protection area, can restore with an "Undo" click
  • The user can rename the unprotected file if is being used, with an possible patch with other file
  • Support for all files types
  • Can work with Windows core files
  • Can work with directories
  • Can work with ACL protected files
  • Multi threaded modules
  • Fast and light interface
  • Full ACL kernel lock / unlock
  • Works with multi items
  • Multi CRC hash check 
  • Full support for Windows 8

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