Open Any Locked Folder By Any Softwar

Most of us use folder locking softwares to protect out folders from unauthorized access of others. After locking our folders, we think our folders are safe and no one can open them because they are password protected. But are your folders really safe,,,,....

The answer is - "NOT AT ALL"..
Anyone can open the folders without password. Learn how to do this,

Step:1. Install any folder locking software. (I am taking Sofonica Folder Lock Software)
Step:2. After installing the software, lock any folder. If you will try to cut, paste, delete, open the folder, it will show an error and will not open without the provided password,

Step:3. Here I locked a folder named MY FILES (which icon turns into a LOCK) and if try to open, it shows the above error.
Step:4. Now to open the folder, press ctrl+alt+del keys together or open task manager.

Step:5. Now click on PROCESSES. You will see the list of processes running in your pc. Search for the process which is made by your locking software. Here you can see the SOFONICA FOLDER SOLDIER.EXE process.

Step:6. Select the required process by clicking on it and click on END PROCESS. A message will be displayed. Click YES.

Step:7. Now open the folder you locked with the software,,,,, The folder is showing still locked.but it opened if you double clicked on it. Now see the contents, delete or copy paste. You have permissions to do anything with the folder...

If you want to lock that folder again, just restart the pc,

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