facebook keyboard shorcuts for firefox and chrome

FACEBOOK Keyboard Shortcut list for Chrome Browser:
Alt+1:- Open Home Page
Alt+2:- Open Profile Page/Timeline.
Alt+3:- Open Find Friends Page.
Alt+4:- Open Messages.
Alt+5:- Notifications Page.
Alt+6:- Open General Account Settings.
Alt+7:- Privacy Settings.
Alt+8:- Open Facebook Timeline Page.
Alt+9:- Legal Terms .
Alt+M:- New Messages.
Alt+?:- Search.

FACEBOOK Keyboard Shortcut list for Firefox Browser:
Shift+Alt+1:- Open Home Page.
Shift+Alt+2:- Open Profile Page/Timeline.
Shift+Alt+3:- Open Find Friends Page.
Shift+Alt+4:- Open Messages.
Shift+Alt+5:- Notifications Page.
Shift+Alt+6:- Open General Account Settings.
Shift+Alt+7:- Privacy Settings.
Shift+Alt+8:- Open Facebook Timeline Page.
Shift+Alt+9:- Legal Terms.
Shift+Alt+M:- New Messages.
Shift+Alt+?:- Search.
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