UML Diagrams College-School-Course administration

  • Construct the design element for a course ware management system that can be used to manage courses and classes for an organisation that specialize in providing training.
  • The organisation offers a variety of courses in a avariety of areas such as learning management techniques and understanding different software languages and technologies.
  • Each course is made up of set of topics.
  • Tutors in the organisation are assigned courses to teach according to the area that is specialized in and their availability.
  • The organisation publish and maintain a calendar of different courses and assign tutors every year.
  • There is a group of Course Administrator in the organisation to manage the courses including course content, assign courses to tutor and define the course schedule.
  • The training organisation aim to use the Course-ware Management System to get a better control and visibility to the management of courses as also to streamline the process of generating and managing the schedule of the different courses.

Use Case Diagram:-
UML Use Case Diagrams for College-School-Course Management System

Activity Diagram
UML Activity Diagrams for College-School-Course Management System

Class Diagram:-
UML Class Diagrams for College-School-Course Management System
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