Class Diagram for Airport UML Questions

UML Question in Exams:-


Consider the air transportation system. Many flights land and depart from city’s airport. Some of the big cities may have more than one airports. Every flight belongs to specific airline. The planes may have many flights to different airports. Each plane is identified with serial number and model. E.g. hypersonic. There are specific pilots for each airline and they fly many flights. Each flight is identified by flight number and date on which flight is scheduled. The passenger reserves a seat for a flight. The seat is identified by a location. Prepare a class diagram for above description.

Class Diagram for Airport:-

Class Diagram for Airport


Prepare an object diagram for above description assuming your round trip in last month to London. Include at least one instance of each class. The flight was arranged on a hypersonic plane. A friend went with you but decided to stay there. Captain Johnson was your pilot on both flights. You had a different seat each way, but you noticed it was on the same plane. 

Object Diagram for Airport:-

Object Diagram for Airport
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