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PC Optimizer - Using this Optimizer Pro can clean, repair, optimize Windows operating system. Download this here free. PC Optimizer designed to optimize the performance of your computer, making your computer run faster, and allows you to fix various system errors.

Ever wonder if someone can read your MSN messenger or Yahoo messenger? The answer is yes because these chat sessions are automatically saved in your PC! However, PC Optimizer Pro erases fret chat you all in the details, leaving no trace of th

em. Phew! It gets better ... All the key functionalities we've described above can be done with a single click.Set PC Optimizer Pro to run when you boot up or shut down - it's your choice. In a nutshell, PC Optimizer Pro makes your computer run faster and prevents up to 90% of Windows crashes.In fact, if your system is already crashing or right for no apparent reason, you need PC Optimizer Pro right now! PC Optimizer Pro is an automated system maintenance and optimization utilities which tune up windows performance of a suit. It removes junk files to save valuable disk space and prevents application crashes.
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Available Features in PC Optimizer Pro:

# Registry Optimizer
Always make your PC after unwanted files in the Windows registry has too cumbersome. For the effective performance of the PC registry optimizer is cleaning unwanted files.

# Privacy Guard
Tracks PC on the Internet can be highly complex, lower the better. In addition, privacy guard to protect the privacy of your PC's overall functions.

# File Shredder
that can be abused) to allay the fears of the works.

# Program Uninstaller
Program Uninstaller uninstalls programs for waste is present in your PC, making your PC easier and friendlier for you.

# Manage Startup
Manage startup software utility which is a kind of brush up your PC so that you can have a quick PC.

# System Information
System information about your system configuration is useful pieces of information.

# Windows Tools
Especially PC Optimizer Pro is a Windows tool umbrella utility that a user of your PC to manage a variety of related functions Windows provides several ways.

# Backup Restore
Restore backups, you perform the registry cleanup the last time you can reverse the action.


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